Management Skills Course

Our 2-day Management Skills Course is suitable for managers in any sector and at any level of experience.

It is a very practical, workshop-style course that focuses on equipping you with management skills and knowledge you can apply to your working life immediately.

During this course, we cover key management skill areas such as: motivational techniques, communication, organisational skills, and managing performance.

  • Live Online
  • Practical Skills
  • 2 Days
  • €349

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Management Skills Course Brochure
Management Skills Course

Who Attends this Course?

On every Management Skills Course we run, we see a mix of participants coming from different industries and situations. The content you will cover during this training equips you with versatile management skills that are applicable in every sector.

No experience is necessary. New managers find that this course is the perfect foundation for their management toolkit, while more experienced managers gain a fresh perspective and new ideas through attending.

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3 Key Benefits of this Management Skills Course

  1. Confidence in Your Management Capabilities

    During this course, you will learn about your own management style. You will gain insights into your strengths and areas for improvement as a manager, along with the knowledge and tools you need to get there.

  2. A Reliable Management Toolkit

    The skills we teach during this course are tried-and-tested approaches to managing others successfully.

    Having these tools at your fingertips offers you reliable support in any situation you encounter.

  3. Tips & Advice from Experienced Trainers

    Our management trainers bring a wealth of real-life management experience to their courses.

Course Overview

What are the Objectives of this Management Skills Course?

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of different management styles
  • Know how to apply effective motivational techniques
  • Possess better organisational skills
  • Have strengthened communication skills
  • Know how to pro-actively handle tricky situations
  • Have a greater understanding of performance management
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Delivery Styles

This course runs every month as a public course, open for anyone to attend.

Each course is delivered online in a live virtual classroom style. This means real-time training sessions, delivered by our management tutors.

It is also available as an in-company programme, where we deliver training exclusively to teams from one organisation. Learn more about in-company Management Skills training in the “For Teams” tab.

What should I know before attending this course?

This course is very practical in nature. In addition to trainer presentation, there are group discussion sessions and exercises.

This active learning style helps to cement your understanding of the course material and build confidence in your own management capabilities.

Connecting with our live virtual training is easy with a steady internet connection. You can read more about joining our online courses by downloading our brochure.

Joining This Course

We run this Management Skills Course every month, with limited places available on each date.

Request our schedule and hold your provisional place using the Reserve a Place button below.

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What is Covered?

What is covered during this Management Skills Course?

Here is a brief synopsis of what we cover during this Management Skills Course. Download our PDF brochure for a full, detailed course outline.

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  • Module 1: Understanding Management Styles

    This module focuses on understanding the strengths of various management styles and discovering your own style.

  • Module 2: Team Building & Motivational Techniques

    Learn how to build strong working relationships and use motivational techniques to get the very best from your team.

  • Module 3: Organisational Skills

    Key management tools including time management, delegation, and goal-setting.

  • Module 4: Communication & Assertiveness

    Strengthen your communication skills and learn how to be appropriately assertive in a management situation.

  • Module 5: Performance Management

    This module looks at how to provide constructive feedback and set clear performance goals for your team.

  • Module 6: Managing Conflict

    Tricky situations and conflict are inevitable. The skills you’ll learn during this module will help you address these situations pro-actively.

Get Started

Use the “Reserve a Place” button below to hold a provisional spot on this Management Skills Course and get our full schedule.

You can also reach our team by phone (Freephone 1800 910 810) or ask us a question online.

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For Teams

Customised Training for Your Management Team

This Management Skills Course is also available for in-company training.

“In-company” means that we deliver the course exclusively to participants from your organisation on dates you choose.

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3 Benefits of In-Company Training

There are so many benefits you’ll gain by choosing in-company training for your management team, but here are the top 3:

  • Customisation

    When we deliver this course as an in-company programme, we can tailor the content to be most relevant to your management team, the work they do, and the challenges they face.

    We will work with you in advance of training to understand what you want to achieve through this workshop and customise the content accordingly.

  • Efficiency

    Opting for an in-company management skills course enables you to train your entire management team at once. You’ll increase your in-house management capabilities in one swoop.

    It’s also a great way to ensure that all management personnel possess the same skill-set and knowledge.

  • Flexibility

    With in-company training, you choose the training dates and method.

    We can deliver training online as a live virtual classroom – a great option for remote-working teams. Alternatively, we can come to your location to deliver training in person.

Get in Touch

To ask about how in-company training could work for your team, call us (Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700) or use the “Get a Quote” button below.

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Pair With

Which courses should you pair with this Management Skills Course?

People often book this Management Skills Course with one or more of the following courses.

Certification Option: QQI Managing People

This 2-day Management Skills Course runs alongside our 3-day QQI Managing People Course.

If you wish to achieve a recognised management certification and learn more about coaching your team, workplace legislation, and stakeholder engagement, you can upgrade to the 3-day QQI Managing People Course.

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Mastering resilience skills will enhance your ability to perform calmly and consistently in the face of a crisis.

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QQI Project Management – 4 Days – QQI Certified Course

Many managers also work on or contribute to projects as part of their role.

Whether these projects are large or small in scale, understanding how to successfully manage a project is important.

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