New Manager Course

Our practical, 2-day New Manager Course is very popular with new or recently appointed managers from all kinds of backgrounds.

This course covers everything you need to begin building a strong, versatile management toolkit.

It is part of our Management Course, which offers an extension to achieve a QQI People Management certification (see “Course Overview” tab below).

  • Live Online
  • Practical Skills
  • 2 Days
  • €349

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New Manager Course

Course Delivery Style

Our New Manager Course is very practical in style, incorporating discussions and exercises throughout.

This is an online course, delivered on our live virtual classroom platform. It is real-time training delivered by expert management tutors.

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3 Benefits of This New Manager Course

  1. A Versatile Set of Management Skills

    The course syllabus is designed to cover the key knowledge areas you need to understand as a manager.

    Modules include motivation and team building, organisational skills, managing performance, and handling tricky situations.

  2. Confidence in Your Ability as a Manager

    The practical style of this course is designed to support the development of your skills and confidence as a manager.

  3. Options for Progression

    This course runs alongside our 3-day QQI People Management Course.

    Participants often choose to extend training by 1 day to achieve the QQI People Management certification. Learn more in the “Course Overview” tab below.

Course Overview

What are the objectives of this New Manager Course?

At the end of training, each participant will:

  • understand different management styles
  • be able to use motivational techniques
  • possess stronger communication skills
  • know how to stay organised and delegate work appropriately
  • be able to address tricky situations and conversations professionally
  • have good performance management skills
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Connecting to Online Training

It is easy to connect with our online training. All you’ll need is a steady internet connection and a device equipped with a web-camera.

Before training begins, our team will send you a guide to getting the most from your live online training experience.

Download our New Manager brochure to get more detail about connecting to our live virtual training.

Achieving QQI Certification

If you’re interested in achieving a recognised and respected management certification, you can upgrade to our 3-day QQI People Management Course.

This course runs alongside our New Manager Course with an additional, 3rd day of content. It is also suited to new managers.

By completing the 3 days of training and passing the associated assessment work, you’ll gain a QQI Level 6 certification in Managing People.

Read more about QQI People Management

Learn More

You can get more details about our New Manager Course and progressing to certification by downloading our brochure.

Contact us with any questions by phone (Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700) or by asking us a question online.

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What is Covered?

What is covered during this New Manager Course?

This is an overview of what is covered during our New Manager Course. Download the New Manager Course brochure for a full outline.

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  • Module 1: Understanding Management Styles

    Learn about the strengths of different management styles, along with discovering your own style.

  • Module 2: Team Building & Motivational Techniques

    Discover techniques for building strong team relationships. Learn to use motivational techniques to achieve the best from your team.

  • Module 3: Organisational Skills

    Cover essential management tools such as: time management, delegation, and goal-setting.

  • Module 4: Communication & Assertiveness

    Develop your communication skills. Learn how to be appropriately assertive within your management role.

  • Module 5: Performance Management

    Learn how to provide feedback to team members and set clear performance goals.

  • Module 6: Managing Conflict

    Gain the skills you’ll need to address difficult situations pro-actively.

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For Teams

Customised Training for New Managers in Your Organisation

We also run this course as an in-company programme, where we deliver a tailored course solely to a group a participants from your organisation.

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Benefits of Choosing In-Company Training

  • Flexibility

    You choose the dates for training that work best for your business calendar. This avoids tying up team members with training during your busiest times.

    You’ll also have the choice between in-person (classroom) and online (live virtual classroom) delivery.

  • Relevant

    We customise every in-company course we run to ensure the content reflects the working environment of participants.

  • Efficient

    In-company training enables you to train entire teams at once and create a consistent management culture in your business.

  • Budget Friendly

    Our per-day pricing structure and group size of up to 14 participants supports you in gaining optimum benefit from your training budget.

Get a Quote

Use the “Get a Quote” button below to request your tailored quotation for New Manager training in your organisation.

Alternatively, you can call us directly at Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700.

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Pair With

Courses that pair well with New Manager Training

Often, delegates will combine this New Manager Course with another of our management courses.

Here are the most popular pairing options:

QQI People Management – 3 Days – Certification Upgrade

This is more of an extension than a pairing as QQI People Management runs alongside our New Manager Course.

Many participants choose to extend training to Day 3 in order to benefit from the additional content and work towards achieving QQI Certification.

Learn more about QQI People Management

Risk Management – 1 Day – Practical Workshop

Risk management is such a useful skillset for anyone in business to master.

This 1-day workshop teaches you to identify potential risks and put contingencies in place to avoid or minimise their impact.

Learn more about Risk Management

Resilience in the Workplace – 1 Day – Practical Workshop

In an ever-evolving working environment, it’s important to learn how to roll with the changes and handle crisis with ease.

Our Resilience in the Workplace course is an important part of your wellbeing at work toolkit.

Learn more about Resilience in the Workplace

QQI Project Management – 4 Days – Practical Skills + Certification

We have found that many of the managers who attend our courses are also involved in project management to some degree.

Whether interacting regularly with project teams or running small scale team projects, they all find some level of practical project management training useful.

With both a certified and shorter, uncertified option available, our QQI Project Management Course offers you a flexible way to gain skills and understanding in this area.

Learn more about QQI Project Management

Advice on Choosing a Course

If you’re unsure which course combination will work best for your management training, talk to us.

Use the “Ask a Question” button below to get in touch online or call us at Freephone 1800 910 810.

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We’ll also send you our full course schedule and check in to answer any questions you have.

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